Walgreens for Sale

Santa Clarita, CA

$ 7,929,320

5.15 CAP

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  • Walgreens signed a new 15-year lease with 5% increases every 5 years.
  • Southernmost Walgreens location in Santa Clarita Valley, 1 of only 4 Walgreens serving over 221,345 residents.
  • Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States with over 9.7 million residents as of 2023.
  • Approximately 28,000 households in the immediate 3-mile trade radius, with an average household income of over $100,000.
  • Located off I-5 (180,000 VPD) on a highly visible signalized intersection with over 63,000 vehicles daily.

Walgreens for Sale

San Pablo, CA

$ 4,416,666

6.00 CAP

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  • Within a 5-mile radius, the population consists of 224,973 residents with an average household income of $110,554.
  • Walgreens exercised an option early in 2021 showing commitment to this location.
  • A rental increase is scheduled in the fixed term on January 1, 2027 to $291,500.
  • Located at the signalized corner of San Pablo Avenue and Richmond Parkway with a combined traffic count of ±46,000.
  • Walgreens is paying $19.13 annual rent per square foot which is below market for the area.

Walgreens for Sale

Oxford, PA

$ 3,606,103

7.75 CAP

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  • Recent 10 Year Extension showing Walgreens commitment to this location.
  • This Walgreens benefits from limited competition with no other Walgreens for over 11 miles, and no competing CVS for over 2 Miles.
  • Property is located within the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area, the 8th largest MSA in the United States with a population of over 6.2 million people.
  • The average household income within a 1-mile radius is $107,926, within a 3-mile radius it is $104,930 and within a 5-mile radius it is $112,191.
  • Apart from Walgreens, the three additional tenants have lease expirations over the next few years providing a potential value add component.

Walgreens for Sale

Western US

$ 5,100,689

7.25 CAP

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  • Located on northeast corner of North Rancho Drive and West Washington Street with a combined traffic count of ±59,000 vehicles per day.
  • Walgreens benefits from dense infill demographics with over 58,000 households in a 3-mile radius.
  • Subject property is neighbored by numerous complimentary national retail tenants including McDonalds, O'Reily Auto Parts and 7-Eleven. There are ±6 million square feet of retail space in a 2 mile radius.
  • Located 2 miles north of University Medical Center, a 564-bed Trauma I hospital with ±3,600 employees.
  • Located 2 miles south of the North Las Vegas Airport employing nearly 1,000 and running over 176,000 general aviation operations including tourist helicopter flights.

CVS for Sale

Bellevue, PA

$ 1,266,666

7.50 CAP

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  • Lease with CVS guarantees an income of $1,330,000 over the term.
  • This offering is for the leasehold interest on the CVS guaranteed lease.
  • In 2018, CVS exercised the remaining 4 options of the lease and has ±14 years remaining.
  • Property features a MinuteClinic branded as a HealthHub, providing customers enhanced healthcare services and shopping experience.
  • Near AGH Suburban Hospital, a 195-bed satellite facility located just 0.5 miles from subject Property.
  • Subject Property is one of only two national chain freestanding drugstores within a 3-mile radius and the only CVS north of the Ohio River within the same distance.
  • This location is open until 11 PM, which is later than any other national drugstore tenant in the neighboring 5-mile radius.
  • Bellevue is an infill suburb of Pittsburg and boasts over 207,000 residents in a 5-mile radius.

Walgreens for Sale

Tacoma, WA

$ 6,213,822

9.00 CAP

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  • In a 5-mile radius the population is 249,502 residents with an average household income of $93,968.
  • Nearby hospitals include MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital (0.5 mi NE) with 437 beds and St. Joseph Medical Center (1.4 mi SE) with 374 beds.
  • Within a 1-mile radius there are ± 220 apartment complexes with a total of ±6,200 units, with an additional 289 units coming in 2024 in the Aspire 11 six-story mixed-use project less than a mile away.
  • Located in the immediate area are The University of Puget Sound, Bates Technical College and the University of Washington - Tacoma.

Walgreens for Sale

Columbus, OH

$ 3,805,405

9.25 CAP

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  • Within a 5-mile radius, the population is ±365,021 residents within ±154,024 households.
  • Ohio State University is located about 3 miles from the Property and enrolls ±60,000 students.
  • The Property sits two blocks from Northern Lights shopping center, a 360,471 square foot mall.
  • CVS is located directly across the street making this a strategic location for both CVS and Walgreens. CVS has closed its retail portion of the store and only the pharmacy remains open.
  • Nationwide and JP Morgan Chase employs over 35,000 employees in the Columbus market, with Intel recently announcing a $20 billion local investment in manufacturing, creating over 10,000 new jobs.
  • Columbus, Ohio is the 7th largest economy in the United States, and Ohio has 0% state corporate income or profits tax.

Walgreens for Sale

York, PA

$ 4,845,702

8.75 CAP

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  • Within a 10-mile radius there is ±61.8M square feet of industrial space including distribution and manufacturing for companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, DHL, FedEx, and Post.
  • Property is located across the corner from CVS making this a strategic location for both Walgreens and CVS.
  • Interstate 83 is blocks from the Property with a traffic count of ±79,000 vehicles per day.
  • Within a 3-mile radius, the average household income is $81,069 and the population is 153,292 residents in a 5-mile radius.
  • Located 2 miles northwest is WellSpan York Hospital, a teaching hospital with 593 beds and over 5,000 medical staff and employees.
  • Two blocks south is York County School of Technology with ±1,700 students and ±120 staff.
  • Within a 2-mile radius there are 8 senior housing facilities totaling approximately ±388,898 square feet.

Walgreens for Sale

Houston, TX

$ 6,387,096

7.75 CAP

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  • Infill Houston MSA demographics with ±500,000 people in ±189,000 residences with an average HH income of $80,0134 in a 5-mile radius.
  • Directly across the corner from an emergency room connected to the HCA Houston Hospital System.
  • Highly visible and trafficked signalized corner with a combined traffic count of ±74,416 vehicles per day.
  • There are ±37 multi-housing complexes with over 11,500 units and 15 hotels with over 1,200 rooms all within a 1-mile radius.
  • The lease operates on an absolute net leased basis and there are no landlord responsibilities whatsoever.
  • Located within Westchase Business District which is home to large corporations such as Honeywell, Chevron, Dow Chemical and Phillips 66 with ±16M square feet of office space within a 4-mile radius.

Walgreens for Sale

Taylor, MI

$ 5,117,662

8.00 CAP

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  • Lease allows for 5% rental increases every five years through 2049 with the next rental increase in May 2025.
  • Beaumont Hospital is located just one block south of subject property with 148 beds and 1,094 employees.
  • Over 16 million square feet of industrial space within a 3-mile radius and 2.3 million square feet of retail space within a 2-mile radius.
  • Infill Detroit Metro demographics with Over 244,000 residents within 97,686 households in a 5-mile radius with an average household income of $71,255.
  • Located just south of I-94 (155,000 VPD) on the corner of Telegraph Road and Wick Road with a combined traffic count of 66,422 vehicles per day.
  • Approximately 4 miles east of Detroit Metropolitan Airport with 36.7 million annual passengers and over 1,100 flights daily.
  • Just 8 miles southwest of Ford's 16M square foot world headquarter campus.