Exclusive PPG Listings

Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid for Sale


Walgreens For Sale
Palmetto, FL
5.73% CAP


  • Walgreens extended this lease early and has ±11.5 yrs remaining and a rental increase of ±14.7% in 1/1/2032.
  • Walgreens benefits from its location on 10th Avenue which is the main retail corridor in the area and is across Publix.
  • Signalized corner with traffic counts exceeding 45,479 VPD per day. This Walgreens and the CVS across the street are the only two drugstores located South of I-275 and West of I-75.
  • There are ±160,962 residents within a 5-mile radius with an average household income of over $66,607.


Walgreens For Sale
Wyoming, MI
6.15% CAP


  • Robust employment base within the medical industry with multiple medical facilities within minutes of the subject property.
  • Infill Grand Rapids MSA location with population of 240,973 and household income of $66,818 within a 5-mile radius.
  • One mile from SR-131 leading to Grand Rapids with a traffic count of approximately 111,012 vehicles per day.


Walgreens For Sale
Long Island
Medford, NY
6.00% CAP


  • After 20+ years of successfully operating, Walgreens exercised its first option without rent reduction.
  • High traffic location along Route 112 with counts exceeding 52,683 vehicles per day.
  • Medford is an affluent suburb in Long Island with ±178,739 residents and average HH income of $112,206 in a 5-mi radius.
  • Located near Long Island Community Hospital has 306 beds and employs ±1,500 doctors and supporting staff.


CVS For Sale
Rockville, IN
6.25% CAP


  • This CVS was a relocation of a store that reported $8,000,000 in gross sales with has an established customer base.
  • CVS has shown commitment to site by signing a long-term lease on an absolute net lease basis with approximately 11.5 years remaining and allows for ±5% increases at every option.
  • Only freestanding national drugstore chain in Rockville. The closest CVS is 11 miles away and the closest Walgreens is over 17 miles away.


Walgreens For Sale
Columbus, NE
5.80% CAP


  • Walgreens has ±13 years remaining on an absolute net basis with no landlord responsibilities.
  • Location has been a Walgreens for over 12 years reported sales well above the national average.
  • Walgreens and CVS are the only two national brand drugstores in Columbus. Walgreens has extended hours from 5am to 11pm.
  • Columbus Community Hospital is located on 60 acres approximately 2.7 miles northwest of the subject property.


Walgreens For Sale
Bradenton, FL
5.75% CAP


  • This location is open 24 hours and the pharmacy is open until 11PM and Walgreens is reporting exceptional sales volumes.
  • Walgreens has a 20 year history of operations at this location and recently exercised an option showing commitment to this location.
  • Subject property is one of only two drugstores in the area. The nearest CVS is .25 miles east and there are no other national brand drugstores for over 2.3 miles.
  • Blake Medical Center with 383 beds and Manatee Memorial Hospital with 319 beds are both within a three mile radius.


Walgreens For Sale
Sacramento, CA
6.15% CAP


  • California has a high barrier of entry in the drugstore space, properties in this state are rarely up for sale.
  • Recently exercised option due to store performance, term remaining is ±10.5 years on a double net lease with 9 (5-year) options to extend.
    This location benefits from a history of solid sales volumes as it is surrounded by residential neighborhoods.
  • One of only two drugstores in a 2-mile radius serving nearly 20,000 households.


Walgreens For Sale
Pawtucket, RI
6.35% CAP


  • Recently exercised two 5-year options early showing commitment to this location.
  • This pharmacy and store are open 24 hours and have a history of very strong reported sales.
  • Located just five miles north of downtown Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island.


CVS For Sale
Semmes, AL
6.00% CAP


  • CVS recently agreed to a 10 year absolute net lease extension showing a strong commitment to this location.
  • The lease allows for 5% rental increases in the first 6 options.
  • Directly across the street from the subject property is located a Walgreens, making this a strategic location for CVS.
  • The site has been a drugstore for over 20 years dating back to 1999.


Walgreens For Sale
Pascagoula, MS
6.75% CAP


  • Walgreens has 20 yrs. history of operations at this location and recently exercised an option making the term remaining 10 yrs.
  • This is the only Walgreens in Pascagoula and it is located across CVS making this a strategic market share location.
  • Located ±1.3 miles from several medical offices and clinics including Singing River Hospital.
  • There are several large employers in the immediate surrounding area including Chevron Refinery and Ingalls Shipping.


Walgreens For Sale
Tonawanda, NY
Buffalo Area
7.25% CAP


  • Degraff Memorial Hospital is just over a mile away and is an 80-bed facility, part of the Kaleida Health system.
  • Near University at Buffalo, the largest public university in the SUNY system with over 30,648 students.
  • Located in the heart of Tonawanda retail district near the main intersecting bridges where Tonawanda meets North Tonawanda.
  • Located 10 mi N of downtown Buffalo with 196,000 residents and household income of $72,314 in a 5 mile radius.


Walgreens For Sale
Roselle, NJ
New York MSA
6.15% CAP


  • Just 20 miles SW of Manhattan in infill New Jersey suburb with over 513,000 residents in a 5-mile radius in New York MSA.
  • Located directly across from a CVS making this a strategic market share location for Walgreens.
  • Surrounded by residential neighborhoods with ±82,000 households in a 3-mile radius.
  • Affluent average household income of $90,779 in a 1-mile radius, $93,763 in a 3-mile radius and $97,327 in a 5-mile radius


Walgreens For Sale
Portland, OR
5.00% CAP


  • Located just 5 miles NE from downtown Portland on one of the main thoroughfares leading into the city center.
  • Affluent Roseway Neighborhood with an average HH income of $82,825
  • Infill demographics with 426,271 pop. in 5-mile radius.


Rite Aid For Sale
Calexico, CA
6.50% CAP


  • The subject property is located 1.5 miles from the United States/Mexico border where approximately 7.1 million cars and 4.4 million pedestrians cross into and out of the United States annually.
  • This is the only standalone, national chain drugstore in the Calexico.
    Closest Walgreens and CVS locations are over 7 miles away.
  • Rental increases are ±10% at the first option and 5% every 5 years during the options. Rent increases to $444,675 in 2026.


Walgreens For Sale
McDonough, GA
8.00% CAP


  • Walgreens approved the first 5-yr option after 19+ yrs of successful operating history at the location.
  • Located 28 miles SE of downtown Atlanta, and is part of the Atlanta MSA, the largest in GA and 9th largest in the US.
  • There are ±600 new single-family homes recently built within a 2-mile radius of the subject property and the average household income is $86,192 5-mile radius.
  • Located on main arterials through McDonough directly across a Kroger anchored shopping with with a traffic count of ±38,454 VPD, near I-75 with ±146,000 VPD.


Walgreens For Sale
Amarillo, TX
7.50% CAP


  • Walgreens extended the lease in late 2019 showing commitment to this location.
  • Amarillo has a strong healthcare system with several large medical facilities just under three miles west of the subject property.
  • The subject property is located in the main retail corridor of Amarillo just a half mile north of Interstate 40 with approximately 6,600,000 square feet of retail space within a 4-mile radius.


Walgreens For Sale
Franklin, KY
8.50% CAP


  • Walgreens invested significant capital on a full rebranding showing commitment to this location.
  • Limited drugstore competition with the nearest Walgreens approximately 10 miles away.
  • This is an absolute net lease with no landlord responsibilities whatsoever.
  • The property is located in a qualified IRS designated opportunity zone, providing potential tax benefits to investors.


CVS For Sale
Houston, TX
6.30% CAP


  • The lease allows for a rental increase of ±3.5% at the first option which begins in February of 2028.
  • Located in an infill area of Houston with an average household income $99,776 and the 274,166 population in a 5-mile radius.
  • High combined daily traffic counts of approximately 60,731 vehicles per day.
  • Near new 226-unit luxury senior living development and nearby are two major medical hospitals.


CVS For Sale
Montgomery, WV
5.65% CAP


  • CVS recently agreed to a 15 year lease extension showing a strong commitment to this location.
  • Located one block from Montgomery General Hospital which serves as a general acute care hospital to Fayette County.
  • This is the only national chain drugstore property in Montgomery with the next nearest CVS over 7 miles away and nearest Walgreens over 10 miles away.
  • Montgomery is home to the BridgeValley Community and Technical College whose enrollment is ±2000 students.


Walgreens For Sale
Dallas, GA
6.50% CAP


  • Assumable interest only financing Cash-on-Cash return of 9.42% and $1.5M down payment.
  • Walgreens acquired the Rite Aid directly across the street from the subject property, closed it and transferred all prescriptions to this location.
  • Subject property is located about 37-seven miles north of downtown Atlanta and with an above average household income.


Walgreens For Sale
Harlingen, TX
6.29% CAP


  • This location is reporting strong sales well above the national average for  Walgreens drugstores.
  • Assumable interest only financing Cash-on-Cash return of 8.46% with $1.5M down payment.

  • Located in the main retail corridor a half mile from the Valley Vista Mall and within ±2.9 Million SF of retail space within a 1-mile radius.

  • Located in the Rio Grande Valley ±13 miles from the Mexican border and the Free Trade Bridge.


Walgreens For Sale
Guthrie, OK
6.75% CAP


  • Absolute net lease with no landlord responsibilities. Building is subleased to Empire Beauty but Walgreens is responsible for the lease with ±13.5 yrs left.
  • Infill Greater St. Louis Location with nearly 3,000,000 residents. Located 10.5 miles NE of St. Louis with ±271,785 residents and ±105,859 households in a 5-mi radius.
  • Directly across Buzz Westfall Plaza which was renovated in 2005 and is anchored by ALDI Grocery store.
  • Solid employment base nearby with large corporations Emerson Electric Company (±76,500 employees) and Nidec Motor Corporation (±117,206 employees).


Walgreens For Sale
Farmington Hills, MI
8.00% CAP


  • Located in a suburb 22 miles NW of downtown Detroit and is part of the Detroit MSA with over 3.9 million residents.
  • Located at signalized corner of Orchard Lake Rd. & 10 Mile Rd. with a combined traffic count of 30,684 VPD.
  • The average HH income is $90,846 in a and total population is 204,235 in a 5-mile radius.


Rite Aid For Sale
Battle Creek, MI
10.50% CAP


  • Rite Aid retained this location in its sale of 1,900+ locations to Walgreens in 2018 showing commitment to the site.
  • Site selected for future rebranding.
  • This Rite Aid benefits from its location in a medical corridor with numerous hospitals, clinics and nursing homes in the immediate area.


Walgreens For Sale
Baltimore, MD
7.65% CAP


  • Walgreens reported solid sales and recently exercised their first option showing commitment to this location. The next option begins July 1, 2025 and rent will increase by 18.5%.
  • Baltimore has a $200M redevelopment plan for the Pimlico racetrack and the surrounding area. Nearly 50 acres have been set aside for private development including a $100M housing development of 17 acres south of Pimlico.
  • This Walgreens is located near several major medical facilities such as Sinai Hospital (505 beds), Johns Hopkins University (27,000 students and 5,000 employees) and Johns Hopkins Hospital (1,162 beds).


Walgreens For Sale
Depew, NY
Buffalo-Niagara MSA
7.25% CAP


  • Walgreens recently exercised an option showing commitment to this location.
  • This is an investment with a low price point, a modest price of $148 per square foot and a rent per square foot of $10.78.
  • It is located in the heart Depew on Broadway, the main thoroughfare that leads directly into Downtown Buffalo 11 miles away.
  • Demographics include ±140,755 residents with an average household income of $76,920 in a 5 mile radius.


Walgreens For Sale
Baltimore, MD
7.65% CAP


  • Walgreens reported solid sales and exercised their first option showing commitment to this location.
  • The offices of the U. S. Social Security Administration and Health and Human services are located 1 mile from the subject property and employ 7,000 residents in the area.
  • Baltimore is the most populous city in Maryland and is part of the Washington-Baltimore combined statistical area which has a population of ±10 million residents.


Walgreens For Sale
Dyersburg, TN
7.00% CAP


  • Existing financing is assumable with $1,230,000 cash down returning $82,536 annually after debt service.
  • Limited drugstore competition, only Walgreens in Dyersburg.
    Large employers in Dyersburg include including Firestone Industrial Products, West Tennessee Healthcare Dyersburg Hospital, and Dyersburg State Community College.
  • Across from Walmart Supercenter and adjacent to Kroger anchored center. Located at the crossroads of the three main roads connecting the region to major cities.


Walgreens For Sale
Kewanee, IL
7.25% CAP


  • Walgreens has 21 yrs at this location and exercised an option making the remaining term 9 yrs.
  • Directly across from CVS, making this a strategic market share location for both CVS and Walgreens.
  • Closest Walgreens is over 18.5 miles away. Walgreens opens 1 hr earlier and 3 hrs later than CVS and sells liquor, beer and wine.
  • Located 2.2 miles south is St Luke Medical Center, the only hospital for 13 miles providing coverage for over 7,000 households.


Walgreens For Sale
Austin, TX
5.75% CAP


  • Located just 15 miles northwest of downtown Austin in Round Rock MSA with ±2.2M residents.
  • Construction is limited along Hwy. 620 due to proximity to protected wildlife corridors, parks, recreational areas, etc.
  • Located at the corner of Ranch Rd 620 & Ranch Rd 2222 with combined traffic of 93,579 VPD.
  • Affluent neighborhood with average household income of $160,768 in a 5-mile radius.


      • Walgreens – Alexander City, AL
      • Located less than 0.2 of a mile from Russell Medical, a not-for-profit acute care hospital.
      • Only national chain drugstore in Alexander City, next nearest Walgreens or CVS over 13 miles away.
      • 14+ years of term remaining on an absolute net lease with eleven 5-year options to extend.

      • CVS – Bogalusa, LA
      • Approx. 13 yrs. of term remaining before 10 (5-year) options, double net lease, landlord responsible for parking only.
      • The lease allows for five percent (5%) rental increases in each of the ten (five-year) options.
      • The lease structure for this asset does not include a rent holiday.

      • Walgreens – Spring Hill, FL
      • Subject property is located in a two-mile radius of three different hospitals.
      • Located in a retail hub with approximately 1.8 million square feet of retail space.
      • 50 miles north of Tampa along at the central coast Gulf of Mexico.
      • Five mile radius population is 82,480 and household income is $60.598.

      • Walgreens – Tucson, AZ
      • One of only ±400 Walgreens locations with an in-store healthcare clinic.
      • Directly across the street from CVS making this a strategic location for both Walgreens and CVS.
      • Surrounded by residential neighborhoods and located at Exit 246 of Interstate 10 ±12 miles northwest of downtown Tucson. Average household income is $90,069 in a three-mile radius and $83,659 in a five-mile radius and 281,588 in a ten-mile radius.

      • Rite Aid – Bakersfield, CA
      • High traffic count of 63,111 cars per day and located 3 miles from Highway 99 with approximately 137,000 cars per day.
      • Wells Fargo subleases a portion of the space on an absolute net lease basis for an opportunity of supplemental income.
      • Average HH income in a 1-mile radius is $79,529, in a 3-mile radius it is $83,335 and $77,942 in a 5-mile radius with a population of 251,698 in a five-mile radius.

      • Walgreens – Memphis, TN
      • Located blocks from the Medical District of Memphis with four major hospitals totaling approximately 6.5 million square feet of medical space within a three mile radius.
      • Located 2.5 miles outside of downtown Memphis and is part of the Memphis MSA with a population of over 1,340,000 residents.
      • Across the street from a Kroger shopping center and near I-69 with traffic counts of over 124,706 VPD.

      • CVS – Lombard, IL
      • Affluent infill location 19 mi. from downtown Chicago, avg. HH income is $112,272 and 260,961 residents in a 5-mi radius.
      • Recently extended lease, total of 20 yrs. remaining before the 8 (5-year) options, NNN, 2.5% increases in the options.
      • Located 1.4 mi. from Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital with 333 beds and over 3,600 doctors and staff on the signalized SEC of Roosevelt Rd. & S. Westmore Meyers Rd. with a combined traffic count of ±66,355 VPD.

      • Walgreens – Johnston, RI
      • Walgreens is currently paying below the current market rent levels for Walgreens.
      • Located just 5 miles southwest of downtown Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island.
      • Walgreens purchased this location in their acquisition of Rite Aid stores.

      • Walgreens – Augusta, ME
      • Location acquired by Walgreens in 2018 and has a successful operating history of 20+ years at this site.
      • Twelve years remaining with 2 (5-year) options to extend on an absolute net lease.
      • Located just 1.4 miles to the northeast of downtown Augusta across the Kennebec River with a daily traffic counts of over 25,000 vehicles per day.

Walgreens For Sale Collinsville IL

      • Walgreens – Collinsville, IL
      • Adjacent to I-55 with 47,000 VPD
      • Outparcel to 53.7 Acre Collinsville Crossings Center

      • CVS – Westfield, IN
      • Next to New Residential Developments
      • 18 Miles North of Indianapolis

      • Walgreens – Austin, TX
      • 14 Miles North of Downtown Austin
      • Near St. David’s North Austin Medical Center

      • Walgreens – Providence Rhode Island MSA
      • 24 Hour Store and Pharmacy
      • 5 Miles North of Downtown Providence

      • Walgreens – Mesa, AZ
      • High Traffic of ±45,000 VPD
      • Dense Demographics with ±365,000 Residents in 5-Mi

      • CVS Kingsport, TX
      • Retail Corridor Hwy-11 Location
      • Strategic Location Near Walgreens

      • Walgreens – Bradenton, FL
      • Affluent Demographics
      • Limited Drugstore Competition

      • CVS – Katy, TX
      • Blocks to Interstate 10
      • Houston MSA Location

      • Walgreens – Mobile, AL
      • Near Providence Hospital
      • Limited Drugstore Competition

      • Walgreens – Hutchinson, MD
      • Near Hutchinson Health Hospital
      • Half Mile from Walmart and Target Centers

      • CVS – Dekalb, IL
      • Across from Northern Illinois University
      • Just north of Chicago-Kansas City Expressway

      • Walgreens – Lincolnton, NC
      • Near Atrium Health Hospital
      • Main Retail Corridor Location

      • CVS – Compton, CA
      • Dense Los Angeles California Location
      • In-Line Location with Ample Parking and Supporting Tenants

      • Walgreens – Loveland, CO
      • Limited Drugstore Competition
      • Part of Fort Collins Metro Area

      • Walgreens – McDonough, GA
      • In-Store Clinic Location
      • Top 10 Atlanta MSA

      • Walgreens – Indio, CA
      • Densely Populated Riverside County
      • Directly Across from CVS

      • Walgreens – Alma, AR
      • Across from Walmart Supercenter
      • Blocks from I-40 and I-49

      • CVS – Saraland, AL
      • Growing Suburb of Mobile
      • Main Retail Corridor Location

      • Walgreens – Clarksville, MD
      • Main Retail Corridor Location
      • One Block From Hwy-32

      • CVS -Signal Mountain, TN
      • On-Site Minute Clinic
      • Affluent Area Demographics

      • Walgreens – Brentwood, CA
      • 55 Miles Northeast of San Francisco
      • Surrounded by Residential Developments

      • CVS – Rocklin, CA
      • Sacramento MSA Location
      • Retail Corridor Near Westfield Galleria Mall

      • Walgreens – Duluth, GA
      • Extremely High Traffic Counts of $87,200 VPD
      • Strong Infill Demographics

      • Walgreens – Townsend, DE
      • Affluent Demographics
      • Philadelphia MSA Location

      • CVS – El Monte, CA
      • Los Angeles MSA Location
      • Highly Infill Demos, ±600,000 Residents in 5-Miles

      • Walgreens – Gurnee, IL
      • One Mile West of Six Flags Great America
      • One Mile from Six Flags Great America

      • Walgreens – Humble, TX
      • Top 5 Houston MSA Location
      • Traffic Counts of over 50,000 VPD

      • Walgreens – Mount Airy, NC
      • Direct Access to Highway 52
      • Main Retail Corridor Location

      • CVS – Ontario, CA
      • Los Angeles MSA Location
      • One Block from CA State Highway 60

      • Walgreens – West Warwick, RI
      • Providence MSA Location
      • Strategically Located Across From CVS

      • Walgreens – Reynoldsburg, OH
      • Out-Parcel to Walmart Supercenter
      • Traffic Counts of Over 60,000 VPD

      • Walgreens – Portland MSA
      • Direct Access to I-205 & Hwy. 500
      • Across from 250,000 SF Retail Center

      • CVS – S. Williamson, KY
      • Within Two Miles of Two Hospitals
      • Direct Access to Highway 119

      • Walgreens – Anoka, MN
      • Dense Minneapolis MSA
      • Traffic Counts of ±50,000 VPD

      • CVS – Tulsa, OK
      • Traffic of Over 42,000 VPD
      • Across from S. Hills Country Club

      • Walgreens – Round Rock, TX
      • Traffic Counts of ±52,000
      • Main Retai Corridor

      • Walgreens – Lake City, GA
      • Top 10 Atlanta MSA with ±5.5M Residents
      • Across from ±180,000 SF Atlanta National Archives

      • Rite Aid – Escondido, CA
      • Infill North San Diego Location
      • Blocks to I-15 & Hwy-78

      • Walgreens – Lawton, OK
      • 24-Hour Store
      • Five Hospitals in 3 Miles

      • Walgreens – Las Vegas, NV
      • Traffic Counts of ±63,000 VPD
      • Near University Medical Center

      • Rite Aid – Yardville, NJ
      • 5 Miles from Capitol City of Trenton
      • Direct Access to I-195, Traffic of ±67,000 VPD

      • Walgreens – East Moline, IL
      • Quad Cities MSA
      • Favorable Demographics

      • CVS – Belleville, MI
      • Legacy Location Since 1950’s
      • Dense Detroit MSA with ±4.3M Residents

      • Walgreens – Crowley, TX
      • Fort Worth MSA Location in Medical Corridor
      • Strategically Located Across from CVS

      • Walgreens – Twin Falls, ID
      • Store with Limited Competition
      • Near College of Southern Idaho

      • Walgreens – Dothan, AL
      • Adjacent to SE Alabama Medical Center
      • Across the Street from CVS

      • Walgreens – Tallahassee, FL
      • Across from ±747,000 SF Tallahassee Mall
      • Traffic Counts of ±61,000 VPD

      • CVS – Woodbridge, VA
      • Near Santana Lake Ridge Hospital
      • Affluent Demographics

      • Walgreens – Winter Springs, FL
      • Only 15 Miles NE of Orlando
      • Across from Walmart Neighborhood Market

      • Walgreens – Warwick, RI
      • Above Average HH Income of $87,000 in a 3-Mile Radius
      • Eleven Miles to Downtown Providence

      • Rite Aid – Warren, OH
      • Near St. Joseph Warren Hospital
      • In Vicinity of 3.2M SF of Retail

      • Walgreens – Tampa, FL
      • Infill Tampa Location
      • Strategically Located Across from CVS

      • Walgreens – Valrico, FL
      • Tampa MSA Location
      • High Traffic of ±70,000 VPD

      • Walgreens – Suwanee, GA
      • One of Only Two Drugstores in 3-Mi Radius
      • Adjacent to Kroger Anchored Center

      • Walgreens – Sunrise, FL
      • 24-Hour Store, Traffic ±42,000 VPD
      • Miami Metropolitan Area Location

      • Walgreens – Streator, IL
      • Near St. Mary’s Hospital
      • Limited Drugstore Competition

      • CVS – Spring Hill, FL
      • Densely Populated Location
      • Affluent Demographics

      • Walgreens – St. Peters, MO
      • Two Blocks From 1.1M SF Mid Rivers Mall
      • St. Louis MSA Location Via I-70

      • CVS – Romulus, MI
      • High Traffic of ±53,000 VPD
      • Affluent Demographics of $100,000 in 5-Mi Radius

      • Walgreens – Rock Hill, SC
      • Across the Street from Winthrop University
      • One Mile to Piedmont Medical Center

      • Walgreens – Racine, WI
      • Twety-Five Miles South of Milwaukee
      • West Coast of Lake Michigan Location

      • Walgreens – Phoenix, AZ
      • Outparcel to Home Depot
      • Infill Demographics with ±416,000 Residents in 5-Mi

      • CVS – Mount Clemens, MI
      • Legacy Location Since 1970’s
      • Detroit MSA Location

      • Walgreens – O’Fallon, MO
      • St. Louis MSA Location with ±2.8M Residents
      • Less Than a Mile from Interstate 70

      • Walgreens – Lansing, IL
      • Traffic Counts of ±40,000 VPD
      • Over 240,000 residents in 5-mi Radius

      • CVS – Orlando, FL
      • 8 Miles to Downtown Orlando
      • Near Florida Hospital East Orlando

      • Walgreens – Fort Worth, TX
      • Strong Infill Location
      • 1M Retail SF in 3-Mi Radius

      • CVS – Ossining, MA
      • 24-Hour Store Blocks to Hudson River
      • Thirty-Four Miles to Downtown Manhattan

      • Walgreens – Chicago, IL
      • 24 Hour Store
      • 2.5 Miles from Chicago Midway International Airport

      • CVS – Nashua, NH
      • Main Retail Corridor Location
      • Across from Target and USPS Logistics

      • Walgreens – Odessa, TX
      • 24 Hour Store
      • Limited Drugstore Competition

      • Walgreens – N. Providence, RI
      • 4 Miles from the Captial City of Providence
      • Over 375,000 Residents in a 5-Mile Area

      • Walgreens – Norcross, GA
      • 24 Hour Store with Limited Competition
      • High Traffic Count of 59,347 Vehicles Per Day

      • CVS – Morristown, TN
      • Direct Access to Highway 66
      • Near College Square Mall Shopping Center

      • Walgreens – Melbourne, FL
      • Irreplaceable Oceanfront Location
      • Main Tourist Thoroughfare with Limited Competition

      • Walgreens – Dayton, TX
      • No Other National Chain Drugstores in 5-Mi Radius
      • Greater Houston MSA Location

      • CVS – Manchester, NH
      • Direct Access to Interstate 293
      • Main Retail Corridor Near Mall of New Hampshire

      • Walgreens  – Dallas, TX
      • Just South of N. Texas VA Hopital
      • Nine Miles South of Downtown Dallas

      • CVS – Martinez, CA
      • In-Line in Center Anchored by Lucky
      • One Block to Hwy 4 in Bay Area with ±79,000 VPD

      • Walgreens – Dallas, TX
      • One Block To VA Hospital
      • Across the Street from CVS

      • Walgreens – Corpus Christi, TX
      • Three Hospitals within 2 Miles
      • Adjacent to Walmart & Sam’s Club

      • Walgreens – Galveston, TX
      • Blocks from UTMB Hospital
      • Houston MSA Location

      • CVS – Mooresville, NC
      • Adjacent to Mooresville Crossing Center
      • Direct Access to Interstate 77

      • Walgreens – Indian Head, IL
      • Dense Chicago MSA Location
      • Traffic Counts of ±50,000 VPD

      • Rite Aid – Johnstown, NY
      • Robust Retail Corridor of ±200,000 SF
      • Only National Chain Drugstore in Johnstown

      • Walgreens – Belleview, FL
      • Strategically Located Across from CVS
      • Busy Intersection with ±40,000 VPD

      • Walgreens – Aurora, IL
      • Top 10 Chicago MSA Location
      • Two Blocks from Rush Copley Medical Center

      • Walgreens – Circle Pines, MN
      • Minneapolis MSA Location
      • Blocks from Interstate 35W

      • Walgreens – Hays, KS
      • Main Retail Corridor Location
      • Only National Chain Drugstore in Hays

      • CVS – Independence, MO
      • Kansas City MSA Location
      • Directly Across from Walgreens

      • Walgreens – Arlington, TX
      • Dense Residential Area Just South of I-20
      • Dallas-Ft. Worth Central Location

      • CVS – Hartford, CT
      • Across from St. Francis Hospital
      • Surrounded by Residential Neighborhoods

      • Walgreens – Glendale, AZ
      • Across from Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
      • Seventeen Miles NW of Phoenix

      • CVS – Frederick, MD
      • Directly Across from Walmart Supercenter
      • 1/2 Mile to Hwy 15 in New Residential Development

      • Walgreens – Fayetteville, NC
      • Strong Employment Base
      • Directly Across from CVS

      • Walgreens – Des Moines, IA
      • Located Within Retail Corridor of ±860,000 SF
      • Traffic County of ±48,000 VPD

      • CVS – Cuyahoga Falls, OH
      • Across from Western Reserve Hospital
      • Three Miles to Downtown Akron

      • Walgreens – Columbus, OH
      • Strategically Located Across from CVS
      • Infill Location with ±266,000 Residents in 5-Mi Radius

      • Walgreens – Cleveland, TN
      • Seven Miles East of Downtown Cleveland
      • Main Retail Corridor Location

      • Walgreens – Topeka, KS
      • Two Blocks from Interstate 470
      • Main Retail Corridor Location

      • CVS – Milwaukee, IL
      • Near Froedert Hospital
      • Dense Infill Population of ±470,000

      • Walgreens – Springfield, IL
      • Main Retail Corridor
      • Blocks To Interstate 72

      • Walgreens – Indianapolis, IN
      • Two Blocks fro University of Indianapolis
      • Dense Indianapolis MSA

      • CVS – Houston, TX
      • 24 Hour Store
      • Busy Retail Corridor

      • Walgreens – Midland, TX
      • Across from Midland Memorial Hospital
      • Traffic Count Exceeding 50,000 VPD

      • Walgreens – Memphis, TN
      • Limited Drugstore Competition
      • Solid Demographics with ±256,000 Residents in a 5-MI Radius

      • Walgreens – Lindenwold, NJ
      • High traffic near Patco Station
      • Exceptional Infill New Jersey Location

      • Walgreens – Chicago, IL
      • Seven Miles from Downtown Chicago
      • Traffic Counts of ±60,000 VPD

      • Walgreens – Shawnee, KS
      • Affluent Demographics
      • Minutes to Kansas City

      • CVS – Mt. Vernon, IL
      • Limited Drugstore Competition
      • Main Retail Corridor Location

      • Walgreens – Brecksville, OH
      • Rare Rental Increases
      • Limited Drugstore Competition

      • Walgreens – Fort Worth, TX
      • Across from CVS
      • Blocks to TX Christian University

      • Rite Aid – Cuba, NY
      • No Drugstore Competition
      • Adjacent to Interstate 84

      • Walgreens – Bessemer, AL
      • 24-Hour Store
      • Two Hospitals within 3 miles

      • Walgreens – Amarillo, TX
      • Across from ±300,000 SF Center
      • Strong Residential Demographics

      • CVS – Houston, TX
      • Strong Reported Sales Volumes
      • Shopping Center Out-Parcel