CVS Closing | Katy, TX | March 2016



Pharma Property Group Closes Newly Constructed CVS in Katy, Texas

Pharma Property Group has announced the closing of the CVS drugstore for sale located at 24950 Franz Road, in Katy, Texas.  Nick Price, Vice President of Investments, represented the all cash investor who purchased the drugstore.

“This transaction hinged on helping to educate the buyers with current drugstore market information, allowing the buyer to make a financial decision that was best for them.  After going through several options, they were able to find the right location, population growth, cap rate and term to meet their goals.  After identifying the property, we met the client’s goals with weeks remaining in their identification period,” explained Mr. Price.


Pharma Property Group is a specialized national commercial real estate brokerage firm providing investment services for drugstore landlords who own Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid properties throughout the nation.

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