Pharma Property Group Exclusive Listing Inventory Exceeds $153,000,000


Pharma Property Group Exclusive Listing Inventory Exceeds $153,000,000


Pharma Property Group currently has over $153,000,000 in exclusive listing inventory throughout the country consisting of Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid assets.


“We are pleased with the available inventory we are able to offer our drugstore buyers both on and off market.  About a third of our business we transact off market and two thirds we close through our exclusive listing marketing platform.  Pharma Property Group always has an exclusive listing when marketing a drugstore to the open public and we always cooperate with other brokerage firms day one of our marketing process,” said Mr. Pongsrikul.


“During this COVID-19 pandemic, buyers have been moving towards purchasing essential businesses that are open and paying rent such as drugstores.  We have cleared most of our listing inventory over the first part of 2020 and now sellers are beginning to reenter the market.  The underlying motivation of drugstore sellers has not gone away and many are still repositioning into better performing drugstores that have modest sales to rent ratios.  The end of 2020 should be a busy time for drugstore transactions and with Pharma Property Group’s specialization and rolodex of drugstore owners we are positioned perfectly to take advantage of the market for our clients,” stated Mr. Pongsrikul.






Pharma Property Group (PPG) has over $1.3 Billion in closing transaction experience and specializes in providing commercial real estate services to landlords who own properties occupied by Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid.  Pharma Property Group is one of the top brokerage firms in the country in drugstore property closing volume and has an unparalleled drugstore marketing platform providing access to the largest pool of drugstore landlords in the nation.



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