Pharma Property Group Leads the Florida Market with $40 Million Florida Drugstores for Sale

During December 2023, Pharma Property Group currently is marketing for sale eight Walgreens and CVS assets totaling $40.4 Million in value which accounts for more than any other brokerage team in the country.  “Being based in California, our sellers with drugstores in Florida continue to come back to sell their assets with us because they know that nearly 30% of all drugstore owners are based in California and that PPG can provide national exposure to buyer beyond Florida,” stated Jason Pongsrikul, Managing Principal of PPG.
“Florida is one of the highest demand states for net leased assets due to no income tax, continued economic/population growth and the limited supply of quality real estate that comes up for sale,” explained Mr. Pongsrikul.  
“Our team is well positioned with our current inventory in Florida to procure active buyers looking for additional drugstore opportunities.  A significant way we sell many of our deals in Florida is a buyer or agent will contact on another Florida drugstore that we have under contract or that might not be the right price point/return fit and we are able to shift that buyer or agent into another one of our offerings “ said Mr. Pongsrikul.
Pharma Property Group (PPG) has over $2 Billion in closing transaction experience and specializes in providing commercial real estate services to landlords who own properties occupied by Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid.  Pharma Property Group is one of the top brokerage firms in the country in drugstore property closing volume and has an unparalleled drugstore marketing platform providing access to the largest pool of drugstore landlords in the nation.
Jason Pongsrikul, Managing Principal
Pharma Property Group
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