Pharma Property Group (PPG) Signs Up $35,000,000 in Exclusive Drugstore Business


Over the course of the last ten days, PPG has signed up roughly $35,000,000 in drugstore exclusive listings and drugstore exclusive buyer representation agreements.

“When we market drugstores to the public for sale our firm has a stellar reputation for having exclusive listings signed allowing investors and brokers to know that we have full control of our investment offerings and that our clients are serious sellers,” stated Jason Pongsrikul, Managing Principal of Pharma Property Group.

“The $35,000,000 in new business that we signed up last week was $25,000,000 in exclusive drugstore listings and $10,000,000 in exclusive buy side arrangements for an upcoming 1031 exchange.  About $17,000,000 of the $25,000,000 of sale side product we signed up will also be performing 1031 trades later in the year and into early 2018,” continued Mr. Pongsrikul.

“We are proud to say that this business is all from repeat clients with whom we have done multiple transactions over the years.  PPG values the trust that our clients have in our brokers and we are excited to complete these upcoming transactions and place our clients in superior drugstore investment positions,” concluded Mr. Pongsrikul.


Pharma Property Group is a specialized national commercial real estate brokerage firm providing investment services for drugstore landlords who own Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid properties throughout the nation.


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